Friday, December 11, 2009

Next Sherwood Pictures Movie: Courageous

Sherwood Church, home of the hit independent movies FLYWHEEL (DVD only), FACING THE GIANTS, and FIREPROOF (2008’s top indie film), at its Sunday evening service tonight, announced the theme and title for Sherwood Pictures’ fourth movie. Senior Pastor Michael Catt, Executive Pastor Jim McBride, and ministers Stephen and Alex Kendrick—collectively the leadership team of Sherwood Pictures—made the announcement.

“The movie is about fatherhood and the title is one word: COURAGEOUS,” Alex Kendrick said, briefly outlining the plot. “Four fathers who are all in law enforcement—who protect and serve together—go through a terrible tragedy,” he said. “They begin looking at their role as fathers . . . and they begin challenging one another to fulfill God’s intention for fathers."

That single-word title, Pastor Catt said, echoes God’s call for men to “rise with courage” in their homes and as leaders. This at a time when 4 of 10 marriages end in divorce* and more than a third of all children live away from their biological fathers.

“The statistics on fatherless children are devastating,” McBride said. “And because the family is the building block of society, one important place to rebuild families is through fathers who stay and lead and love."

“God led us,” co-writer and producer Stephen Kendrick said to the audience of church members, many of them volunteer crew, cast, or catering in earlier Sherwood movies. “We believe God is calling men to rise up with strength and with leadership in their homes, with their families and with their children."

"For more then a year we’ve prayed to be sure that we’re pursuing God’s idea and not our own,” Catt said. “With action, drama, and humor, this film will embrace God’s promise in the Bible to, turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers."

Focusing on Fatherhood

“We focus on the crucial role of father; it’s not just to be a father who loves his kids,” said Alex Kendrick, co-writer/director of COURAGEOUS. “It’s to be engaged with a purpose—to be a father on purpose."

All four leaders of Sherwood Pictures are husbands and fathers. Pastor Catt has two children; Pastor McBride has four; Stephen Kendrick has four; and Alex Kendrick has six.
More Than a Movie

Sherwood movies entertain as they touch audiences where they live, and they show the means to live more fully through faith in God. FLYWHEEL focused on compromise and business integrity; FACING THE GIANTS on despair and hope; FIREPROOF on a dying marriage rekindled.

With previous Sherwood movies, fans, churches, and organizations across the country (and world) became “partners” in the movie’s impact—giving prayer support for production, distribution, and the movies’ messages. Ministries and outreaches used the films in creative ways. Churches built series and group studies on the topics; Sunday schools seized the momentum of good entertainment that emphasizes life-changing truths.

“It’s been the Bible’s story of Jesus multiplying the boy’s fish and loaves,” Alex Kendrick said. “God has multiplied these movies beyond our wildest dreams."

Principle filming of COURAGEOUS begins March 2010 in Albany. Like the previous three Sherwood films, COURAGEOUS will be marketed by Provident Films.

Sherwood Pictures is a ministry of Sherwood Church of Albany, Georgia, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Michael Catt and Executive Pastor Jim McBride.

To learn more, visit:

Sherwood Pictures

Read our interview with Stephen Kendrick.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's Next for Sherwood Pictures?

This just in from Sherwood Pictures:

The leaders of Sherwood Productions have been "preparing their fields" for another motion picture. They believe God has directed them to a new story line for the next Sherwood movie.

What is it?

We have an answer for you ... almost. What we can tell you is that the question will be answered next month!

The leaders of Sherwood Pictures—Michael Catt, Jim McBride, Alex Kendrick, and Stephen Kendrick—have been praying about the story for the next movie. Their prayer hasn't been for a good movie; it's been for a God movie. As was the case first with Flywheel, then with Facing The Giants, and most recently with FIREPROOF, they believe God has answered their prayers.

Can't bear to wait? Each week between now and mid-November, we will be releasing a video that searches the Sherwood archives for hints about what the next movie might be. Find out more at The Next Sherwood Movie website.

Read our interview with Stephen Kendrick.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Riven movie update

The making of Riven the movie, based on Jerry B. Jenkins dynamic novel, is underway. According the the Jenkins Entertainment website a screenwriter has been chosen:

Jenkins Entertainment has commissioned screenwriter Nathan Scoggins to pen the screenplay for the upcoming feature, Riven. Shooting is scheduled to begin in late 2009 or early 2010, with the intention that this is the second film in the multi-picture deal with Pure Flix Entertainment.

Read our review of Riven.
Read our interview with Jerry B. Jenkins.

Jenkins' Entertainment film What If Update

Jenkins Entertainment has just finished principle photography for its forthcoming film "What If..." starring Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules," Hallmark's "Avenging Angel"), Kristy Swanson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Big Daddy,") Debby Ryan (Disney's "Suite Life on Deck") and John Ratzenberger ("Cheers," all Pixar films). "What If...", the sixth film from the father/son duo of Jerry and Dallas Jenkins, was filmed in Michigan in July.

In the tradition of "It's a Wonderful Life" and "The Family Man," "What If..." tells the story of Ben Walker (Sorbo) who 15 years ago left the love of his life, Wendy (Swanson), and ignored his ministry calling in order to pursue a business opportunity. Now, as a high-powered investment banker with a trophy fiancée, he has little or no interest in faith or building a family. But suddenly, on the day he is named partner in his firm, Ben is visited by a mysterious (divine, perhaps?) tow truck driver (Ratzenberger) who knocks Ben into an alternative reality--the life he should have had. Ben awakens on a Sunday with his wife Wendy and two daughters getting ready for church, where Ben is scheduled to give his first sermon as the new pastor. If Ben wants to escape this "What If..." scenario, he must first learn the value of faith and family. The screenplay was written by Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman and Andrea Nasfell.

"What If..." is the first film in a two-picture partnership between Jenkins Entertainment and Pure Flix Entertainment. Jenkins Entertainment is owned by New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins and operated by his son Dallas Jenkins. As with the majority of their projects, Jerry will serve as executive producer and Dallas will direct both films. Pure Flix Entertainment will produce and supervise marketing and distribution for the films.

"Our partnership with Pure Flix is perfect for us because they're experts at everything we're not," said Dallas Jenkins. "Working with them so far has been fantastic and has allowed us to concentrate on our interests and strengths."

"The Pure Flix partnership with Jenkins has been a wonderful experience due to their strong creative ideas and Dallas's directing, which has allowed 'What If...' to become a truly inspiring film," said Michael Scott, Pure Flix managing partner. "We can't wait for the next one, 'Riven,' as well."

Dallas added, "I've never been this optimistic after shooting a film."

Jenkins Entertainment and Pure Flix have created a website for the film,, which includes a "director's diary" video blog from each day of shooting, interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes photos and updates on the film's progress.

For more information about Jenkins Entertainment, visit For information on Pure Flix Entertainment, see

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Sherwood 3 DVD Boxed Set Coming Sept 8

FACING THE GIANTS, the $100,000 church-made film that scored a $10 million box office touchdown for Provident Films and Sherwood Pictures, debuts on Blu-ray™ High-Def this Sept. 8, 2009. The action-packed drama is about a Christian high school football coach who reengages his faith to battle the giants of fear and failure. The DVD bonus includes behind-the-scenes features and deleted scenes.

More news: a DVD box set also releases Sept. 8, containing FIREPROOF, FACING THE GIANTS, and Sherwood’s very first hit, FLYWHEEL.

After six consecutive losing seasons, high school football coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) believes things can't get any worse. Unfortunately, he's wrong. With fear and failure seemingly defeating him at every turn, the downtrodden coach and husband turns to God in broken desperation. Trusting that God can somehow do the impossible, Coach Taylor and his Shiloh Christian Eagles soon discover how faith plays out on the field ... and off.

• Filmmaker Commentary
• 13 Deleted Scenes
• Fumbles, Funnies, and Other Fun Stuff
• “Behind the Scenes of Facing the Giants”
• Interview with Mark Richt: University of Georgia Bulldogs Football Coach
• “With You” Musical Tribute to the Volunteers

FIREPROOF, created by a 1,200-person cast and crew—almost all volunteer—ultimately grossed more than $33 million in theaters, making it the top independent film of 2008. Kirk Cameron (TV’s Growing Pains) is Caleb Holt. At work, inside burning buildings, Capt. Holt lives by the old firefighter’s adage: never leave your partner behind. At home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules. Holt’s job is to rescue others. Now he’s ready to face his toughest job ever … rescuing his wife’s heart.

FIREPROOF Bonus Features
• Filmmakers’ Commentary with Co-Writer/Director Alex Kendrick and
Co-Writer/Producer Stephen Kendrick
• Deleted Scenes
• Firegoofs/Jokes and Pranks
• Fireproof Resources
• “Fireproof: Behind the Scenes”
• “Marriage Matters”
• Wayne on Wayne Interview
• Fireproof in 60 Seconds
• Love Dare Promo

FLYWHEEL was a film-festival favorite, earning Best Feature Film at the 2004 Christian WYSIWYG Film Festival, the Bronze Crown at the 2004 ICVM Crown Awards, and Best Screenplay at the 2004 Sabaoth International Film Festival. In the story, many an unsuspecting victim has fallen prey to the smiling face and hasty promises of used car salesman Jay Austin (Alex Kendrick). Austin does everything his way until his dishonesty and manipulation are exposed. Like many men, he grows disgusted by the masks he wears and the lies he tells. While having a classic convertible repaired, Austin begins a humorous and inspiring journey to win back the hearts of his wife, his son, and his community. In every man’s life, there can be a turning point. When Jay Austin makes his turn, he never looks back.

FLYWHEEL Bonus Features
• Flywheel Introduction by Alex Kendrick
• “The Making of Flywheel”
• Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers
• Special Message
• Butch Bowers and Jay Austin TV Spots
• Commentary with Alex and Steven Kendrick

The Blu-ray Disc version of FACING THE GIANTS is BD-Live™ enabled, allowing users to get connected and go beyond the disc via an Internet-connected Blu-ray player. Download exclusive content, register for rewards, give feedback through our survey and more!

Get rewards for registering your Sony Blu-ray discs! The Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club rewards consumers in the U.S. for purchasing and registering BD-Live enabled Sony Blu-ray movies. Members may redeem accumulated points for cool Sony products, plus enter to win cash and prizes in daily sweepstakes and more. For details visit

FACING THE GIANTS runs approximately 112 minutes and is rated PG. FIREPROOF runs approximately 122 minutes and is rated PG. FLYWHEEL runs approximately 120 minutes and is unrated. Artwork and digital clips are available at

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. SPE is a division of Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution; television production and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; worldwide channel investments; home entertainment acquisition and distribution; operation of studio facilities; development of new entertainment products, services and technologies; and distribution of filmed entertainment in more than 100 countries. Sony Pictures Entertainment can be found on the World Wide Web at For more info on Blu-ray Disc™, visit

Provident Films, a division of Provident Music Group, produces and distributes heartfelt, faith-based films. Nashville-based Provident Music Group, which is a division of Sony Music Entertainment, has been one of the world’s leading Christian entertainment companies for more than three decades. Operating under the umbrella of Sony Music Nashville, Provident Music Group is comprised of Provident Films, Provident Label Group, Essential Music Publishing, and Provident-Integrity Distribution.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What If Movie Director's Commentary from Dallas Jenkins

Filmmaker/Director Dallas Jenkins (Jenkins Entertainment) has shot a 13 Day Behind The Scenes Video Diary about the making of his upcoming movie What If. If you've ever wanted to know what goes into making a movie, here's where you can start. Below is the "diary" from Day 1. Be sure to visit the official What If Production Blog to watch all of them.

Friday, July 17, 2009

First look at poster for Sarah's Choice starring Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James recently posted this photo from the International Christian Retail show. She's posing beside the poster for her upcoming movie with a pro-life message: Sarah's Choice (click to enlarge).

Read our interview with Rebecca.

Fireproof Movie Soundtrack Available Now


The FIREPROOF songs that you've fallen in love with are available in one place: The FIREPROOF Original Motion Picture Soundtrack!

The soundtrack features the full score, which was composed by Mark Willard, Sherwood's musical minister. And it has these songs from popular artists that you hear in the film:

Leeland's "Brighter Days"
Third Day's "This Is Who I Am"
Casting Crowns' "Slow Fade"
John Waller's "While I'm Waiting"
Grey Holiday's "You Belong To Me"
Warren Barfield's "Love Is Not A Fight"

There's even a special bonus track: the FIREPROOF Remix of John Waller's "While I'm Waiting," which features sound clips from the film interspersed with John's beautiful song.

The FIREPROOF Soundtrack is available starting today, July 14, at your favorite Christian store and online retailer. Be sure to let your friends know by utilizing the Soundtrack banners, available online.

Buy it at
Buy it at
Buy it at iTunes

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry coming to theaters in September

A message from Five & Two Productions on the film and how you can help spread the word:

We believe The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is the next hit Christian film. It is a very inspiring movie with excellent truth for the Lord with great potential for success.

If you doubt what we say, check out this story that
ABC News Nightline did on The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry and Fireproof, thus, more proof that doors are open for ministry in theaters.


Fireproof actor Kirk Cameron says "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry moved me with its message of the weight of eternity and the difference one faithful man can make in the lives of many. I recommend this inspiring movie for any family to watch together."

We are looking for churches to sponsor the movie to impact their community and your church will share in the revenue. The movie is scheduled to open in theaters on September 18th. You can view the trailer and scenes from the movie at

Well-known Author/Speaker Josh McDowell says this movie is "loaded with excellent truths from God's Word."

We currently have over 100 groups already sponsoring including churches like:
Bellevue Baptist (Memphis, TN)
Crossroads Assembly of God (Oklahoma City, OK)
First Baptist (West Monroe, LA)
The Rock Four Square (Fullerton, CA)
Idlewild Baptist (Tampa, FL)
First Baptist (Naples, FL)
Hoffmantown Baptist (Albuquerque, NM)

The goal is to open this movie in over 500 theaters nationwide and we need your help.
To learn more about how your church can get involved, please contact us at or call 949-380-8550.

We will send you a preview copy of this movie so you can see for yourselves!
Doors are open for ministry, let's walk through them!

Yours for evangelism,

Five & Two Pictures

Here are just a couple of the many endorsements of what others are saying:

"You did a fabulous job in every aspect of this movie. This is a must watch film for every family and a must use film for every believer to take their neighbors, friends, etc. to in hopes they will find Christ"
-----Phil Newberry, Student Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" is one of the best movies I have experienced. This film has a powerful and compelling message, and the acting and production is of high caliber."
-----Pastor Jim Chase, Forks Assembly of God, Forks, WA

"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is a heartwarming experience for the entire family.
-----Pat Boone, Actor

"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is one of the most touching films ever! It presents the gospel of Jesus Christ in a straight forward and inspiring manner. A must for everybody."
-----Chris Cambas, Pastor, Tampa Bay Christian Counseling Center, Tampa, FL

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fireproof pastor continues film's message

For everyone who leaves the theaters or finishes a Sherwood DVD thinking “That was me . . . now what?”—good news: the Sherwood message continues.

Sherwood Church’s Senior Pastor Michael Catt, executive producer of the surprise movie successes that put Albany GA on the world map—Fireproof (2008’s top-grossing indie film), Facing the Giants (the breakout Christian film of 2006), and Flywheel (now in a re-mastered DVD)—has written The Power of Desperation, a biblical look at the human pain and divine promise that Sherwood stories surface.

Desperation, from B&H Publishing Group, is the first in a three-part “Power of” book series on the reverse logic of God’s using our brokenness to make us whole. Learn more at

“Audiences identify with Sherwood movie characters because their lives and problems ring true to the human condition,” Pastor Catt said. “The Power of Desperation aligns the facts of our screw-ups with the bigger fact of God’s unconditional love. No one’s life is too messy, no one’s, to be completely cleansed in Jesus Christ.”

Flywheel’s Jay Austin cheated at work and nearly lost his family . . . Giants’ Coach Grant Taylor couldn’t win for losing . . . Fireproof’s Caleb Holt was a fireman who could rescue strangers but failed to save his own marriage. All resisted God until they reached the ends of themselves.

“Most of us never seek the Lord until we are forced to,” says this pastor whose 25 years serving real people with real needs shows in chapter titles such as: “When There’s Nowhere Else to Turn,” “When Your are Up Against the Impossible,” and “Broken and Spilled Out.”

Southern Baptist leader Tom Elliff salutes the inevitability of the book’s message. “Read it while you can,” he says. “You’ll be there soon enough.”

Michael Catt is the think-outside-the-sanctuary leader making good on his church’s goal to “change the world from Albany, Georgia.” Sherwood films are on every continent, in 158 countries and at least 13 languages. Catt has been interviewed by FOX News, CNN Headline News, CBS News, The TODAY Show, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Baptist Press, Leadership Journal, The Glenn Beck Show . . . and Dr. Phil. And many more. In 2008, he headed the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference, representing more than 42,000 churches. He is a prolific author, speaker, conference founder and leader, and pastor to pastors.

B&H Publishing Group, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources, produces
some of today's most sought-after books, Bibles, church supplies and
multimedia products.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Robin Shope novel to be a movie!

Author Robin Shope and Salty Earth Pictures have recently announced Shope's novel The Christmas Edition is to be a feature film.

Wisconsin newspaper The Daily Union online has run a piece which says in part:

Salty Earth Pictures has announced that it will begin filming a new feature movie later this year, with Fort Atkinson serving as the on-screen setting.

The non-profit film company based in Fort Atkinson specializes in producing Biblically-based entertainment, including such shows as the family-friendly comedy series "Fifth Pew From the Front" and the puppet-populated "Movie Critters" and its follow-up 30-minute series.

Company founder Steve Zambo announced the feature film will be based on the novel, "The Christmas Edition," which was written by Robin Shope. Shope, an author now living in Dallas, Texas, has written a series of novels that are set in Wisconsin, known as The Turtle Creek Edition series.

...Without revealing too much of the story, "The Christmas Edition" movie will be based on a struggling family-owned business in a small Wisconsin town. It focuses on relationships, secrets, trust, faith and the hope that Christmas and its message provide.

"The Christmas Edition is one of her series of books, like The Valentine Edition and The Easter Edition," Zambo explained. "They all take place in Wisconsin."

Zambo recalled how one day, he received an invitation via Facebook to do the movie adaptation.

"I had known she was an author because a mutual friend had written some other books with her," Zambo said. "So I joined, and she said 'take a look at my books.' I did, and right about then we had made the decision to make some more features, like our project 'Scrooge's Next Christmas.' But that is a bigger budget movie, and we needed a bridge picture, like the movie 'Facing the Giants,' which was filmed by a small group in Georgia."

So Shope sent Zambo the books, read by his daughter.

"She knew we needed to do a picture that we could do within a reasonable budget, and my daughter said, 'Here Dad, read this.'

And Zambo decided to adapt The Christmas Edition for the screen.

Read the full article here.

Read our interview with Robin.
Read our review of The Christmas Edition.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Come What May movie made by homeschoolers


Come What May is the first release from Advent Film Group (AFG), but the production group founded by George Escobar is planning on producing many more movies in the future. Inspired by Sherwood Pictures (creators of FIREPROOF, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel) AFG has constructed its own model for creating great movies for a faith-based audience.

"Like Sherwood Pictures, we believe Christian filmmakers should always work alongside organizations already in service for the Lord. We will always be under another's covering and authority," George says. "While Sherwood has its home church, with Come What May, we partnered with Patrick Henry College."

The college's academic rigor is attractive to home-schooled students. George, a home-school parent advocate, sees the potential of these motivated and talented students to become a generation of trained and gifted filmmakers. The AFG model pays the young filmmakers as they learn the craft through the actual making of movies.

"There was a core team of 40 home schooled student from across 16 different states that worked on the movie," he says. "We tapped into the speech and debate clubs for home-schoolers, in particular the NCFCA league. That is our 'secret sauce.' These students and their parents are already dedicated to becoming 'Communicators for Christ' and have a proven track record for hard work and accomplishment. Graduates from NCFCA go on to dominate the debate tournaments in college."

With a team at the ready, George and others worked on the script. The central plot is based on a real experience that Patrick Henry College's Moot Court team faced in a national tournament. Having to choose between what is right and what could win is a challenging dilemma, especially when it comes to a life-and-death issue like abortion.

"We want to tell stories that the Lord will bless," George says. "That means removing our own agendas and ego from the writing process. We enlisted the help of PHC students and faculty during the story-development phase and during the final script polish.

"Ben Adams, a PHC alumnus, worked with me on the six-page treatment. Manny Edwards, my collaborator, wrote the first draft and together we worked on all subsequent drafts, as did David Hallbrook, the college's Director of Communications, who is a Pulitzer Prize nominee author. Finally, Dr. Michael Farris, a constitutional attorney who is the founder and chancellor of PHC, wrote the legal brief for overturning Roe. Our shooting script was the eighth draft, followed by one more draft during pickup filming."

Come What May was filmed over five weeks in Virginia during the summer of 2007. In early 2008, the crew shot an additional seven days of pickup filming. After months of sound mixing, editing, and other post-production work, the DVD was made available through AFG. Later in 2008, Provident-Integrity Distribution signed an agreement to market the movie and the Come What May trailer was highlighted on the FIREPROOF DVD.

You can read more about production in Stories from the Set.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit coming to DVD March 17

The Velveteen Rabbit is an enchanting combination of live-action drama and animated adventure that tells the story of a lonely boy who wins over his distant father and strict grandmother with the help of a stuffed toy rabbit and other toys he befriends in the attic.

Featuring the voice talents of Golden Globe® winner Jane Seymour (“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” Somewhere in Time) as Mom with Emmy Award® winner Tom Skerritt (Top Gun, “Picket Fences”) as Horse and Oscar® winner Ellen Burstyn (Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Requiem for a Dream) as Swan, and directed by Michael Landon Jr. (“Love Comes Softly,” Saving Sarah Cain), The Velveteen Rabbit is a heartwarming “…adventure for the whole family” (The Dove Foundation®).

Coming to DVD March 17th, The Velveteen Rabbit will first be released theatrically in select Carmike Cinemas February 20th by Family1 Films, and distributed to Christian retailers by Thomas Nelson. For more information go to

In this brand new feature film, inspired by Margery Williams’ classic novel, one of the most beloved family tales of all time comes to life. It’s the story of a young boy named Toby who is sent by his busy father to spend the holiday season in the home of his stern grandmother. Toby’s world instantly changes when he discovers the house’s ‘magic attic’ where three forgotten toys – including a special stuffed rabbit – unlock a world of imagination that will change all their lives forever.

About Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment is the home entertainment division of Starz Media, LLC. It includes the Anchor Bay Films and Manga Entertainment brands. It distributes feature films, children’s entertainment, fitness, TV series, documentaries, anime and other filmed entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray formats. It is the exclusive home media distributor in the U.S. of the theatrical titles from Overture Films. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Anchor Bay Entertainment has offices in Troy, MI, as well as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Starz Media ( is a controlled subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation attributed to the Liberty Capital Group.

About Family1 Films
Family1 Films is an integrated entertainment company committed to producing and distributing movies that tell great stories – entertainment that inspires, educates and motivates families to explore the world around them together. With an outstanding network of production, promotional, distribution and exhibition partnerships, all with extensive experience in the family market, Family1 Films develops high-quality film content and entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

About Feature Films For Families
Feature Films For Families produces and distributes uplifting and entertaining motion pictures that are suitable for all ages and strengthen positive values while containing no profanity, vulgarity, sexual content or graphic violence. Founded in 1988, it has provided positive entertainment to more than 8 million families worldwide.

Watch the trailer:

Friday, January 30, 2009

House movie coming to DVD April 7

House the movie (based on the book by Ted Dekker & Frank Peretti) is coming to DVD on April 7th with a special cover for the CBA market.

According to Christian Retailing:

The DVD cover features an exterior shot of the old house in which the thriller is set, rather than the pentagram that was on the movie poster for its theatrical release late last year.

Lionsgate marketing manager Ashlee Meese said the special cover for Christian stores was an effort to address any concerns retailers may have about the film, whose restricted rating for "terror and violence" concerned the makers. They feared the R rating might limit the audience for the film, as Dekker in particular has a strong teen fan base.

Read our review of House the movie.
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Fox Signs on for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

According to Christian Retailing, Fox has signed on to make The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

The article says in part:

Fox--which was entitled to first crack at The Voyage of the Dawn Treader after Disney pulled out because of the shared Fox Walden marketing and distribution label--has made a commitment to develop the project. The two sides are still working out budget and script issues, but the plan is to shoot the film at the end of summer for a holiday 2010 release through the Fox Walden label, Variety reported.

Read the full piece here.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Poster for Karen Kingsbury Like Dandelion Dust movie

It's looking like we'll see the movie based on Karen Kingsbury's novel "Like Dandelion Dust" sometime in 2009. It's classified as "complete", but no word yet on an official release date. Visit the official blog to learn more. The movie's been accepted into some noteworthy festivals.

Summary of novel:

Jack and Molly Campbell enjoyed an idyllic life with their adopted 6-year-old son, Joey. One phone call shatters their world when they learn Joey's biological father has just been released from prison and discovered a loop hole in the adoption papers and now lays claim to his son. He wants to start a new life by taking back his son. When a judge upholds the biological father's claim and Molly and Jack learn they must give Joey over to this brutal man they devise a plan. How far would you go to protect your family?

Read our interview with Karen Kingsbury.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jenkins Entertainment to make Riven movie

According to Dallas Jenkins, Jerry's son and the co-founder with him of Jenkins Entertainment, Jerry's novel Riven is to be a movie.

Says Dallas at his blog:

"We've also decided that Riven, the book my Dad wrote that came out last year (and for my money, is his best book), is going to be the second film in the Jenkins/Pureflix partnership. We will be talking to screenwriters in the next couple of weeks and hope to be in production by the end of the year. I'm actually going to send a letter to Joe Eszterhas, the famous screenwriter of Basic Instinct, Flashdance, Music Box, and Jagged Edge, among others, who recently became a Christian. I know it's a long shot, but I think he'd be interested in some of the films we're doing. His books are incredible (any aspiring filmmaker should read The Devil's Guide to Hollywood), including his recent one, Crossbearer, which is about his conversion. Maybe Riven will strike a chord, or perhaps Youngest Hero, which is about baseball, one of his great loves. We'll see."

Read the rest of the blog here.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dallas Jenkins article "Does Hollywood Love Christians Anymore?"

Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins (Midnight Clear, Hometown Legend) has a new article up at the website Big Hollywood entitled "Does Hollywood Love Christians Anymore?"

Says Dallas about the site:

If you have any interest in Hollywood, media, and pop culture from an inside perspective, and if you lean to the right, check out the new website from Andrew Breitbart, Andrew ran the Drudge Report for a few years and is a writer/commentator who's guest hosted for Dennis Miller, Michael Savage, Lars Larson, etc. and is always a guest on various news and talk shows. The site is a collection of conservative Hollywood and media types writing about the business and pop culture from a conservative perspective. He invited me to write articles for the site, and my first article (Does Hollywood Love Christians Now?) was part of the site's launch. Check out the site, I think you'll enjoy it.

His piece begins thus:

After my first feature film Hometown Legend had been sold to Warner Brothers, I had some meetings with the WB marketing team in 2001. Near the end of their presentation, I said, “Now you know that this film has some faith elements in it, and my Dad (the executive producer) wrote the Left Behind books, so we could take advantage of his fan base and also promote the film to churches and youth groups.” After an awkward pause where I assume they were expecting me to explain myself, they had two questions: “What are the Left Behind books, and what are youth groups?”

Read the full article.

Read our interview with Dallas.