Friday, June 5, 2009

Fireproof pastor continues film's message

For everyone who leaves the theaters or finishes a Sherwood DVD thinking “That was me . . . now what?”—good news: the Sherwood message continues.

Sherwood Church’s Senior Pastor Michael Catt, executive producer of the surprise movie successes that put Albany GA on the world map—Fireproof (2008’s top-grossing indie film), Facing the Giants (the breakout Christian film of 2006), and Flywheel (now in a re-mastered DVD)—has written The Power of Desperation, a biblical look at the human pain and divine promise that Sherwood stories surface.

Desperation, from B&H Publishing Group, is the first in a three-part “Power of” book series on the reverse logic of God’s using our brokenness to make us whole. Learn more at

“Audiences identify with Sherwood movie characters because their lives and problems ring true to the human condition,” Pastor Catt said. “The Power of Desperation aligns the facts of our screw-ups with the bigger fact of God’s unconditional love. No one’s life is too messy, no one’s, to be completely cleansed in Jesus Christ.”

Flywheel’s Jay Austin cheated at work and nearly lost his family . . . Giants’ Coach Grant Taylor couldn’t win for losing . . . Fireproof’s Caleb Holt was a fireman who could rescue strangers but failed to save his own marriage. All resisted God until they reached the ends of themselves.

“Most of us never seek the Lord until we are forced to,” says this pastor whose 25 years serving real people with real needs shows in chapter titles such as: “When There’s Nowhere Else to Turn,” “When Your are Up Against the Impossible,” and “Broken and Spilled Out.”

Southern Baptist leader Tom Elliff salutes the inevitability of the book’s message. “Read it while you can,” he says. “You’ll be there soon enough.”

Michael Catt is the think-outside-the-sanctuary leader making good on his church’s goal to “change the world from Albany, Georgia.” Sherwood films are on every continent, in 158 countries and at least 13 languages. Catt has been interviewed by FOX News, CNN Headline News, CBS News, The TODAY Show, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Baptist Press, Leadership Journal, The Glenn Beck Show . . . and Dr. Phil. And many more. In 2008, he headed the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference, representing more than 42,000 churches. He is a prolific author, speaker, conference founder and leader, and pastor to pastors.

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