Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jenkins Entertainment update

Excerpts from Dallas Jenkins' most recent newsletter update:

--Our website has a new look, and I think you'll enjoy it. Nothing drastic, but it's easier to navigate, has a sharper look and feel, and we've got more clips and videos than we have before. Check out a sample scene from Cliche, the Jars of Clay music video from Hometown Legend, and some new pictures on most of the project pages.

--As I've mentioned, I'm doing a weekly blog during the development of "Mountain." If and when we go into pre-production, it'll be more frequent, and during shooting, it will be daily and will include video updates.

--Regarding Mountain, we are still trying to complete the financing. It looked like everything was put together a few months ago, but that ended up not being very viable, which was a frustration, of course. Our company is still committed and passionate, and we've put some money where our mouth is, so we're in some active discussions with a few potential partners. In the meantime, we've decided to start making offers to lead cast to build some momentum; I'll let you know if anything exciting happens there. Stay tuned to the blog as well.

--The Karen Kingsbury book, "Moment of Weakness," that we've been developing for over a year with Larry Levinson Productions (Hallmark Channel), really seems to have gotten some momentum going. The final draft of the script just finished, so we should know in the next month or so if that's going to happen.

Find out more at the Jenkins Entertainment website.

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