Tuesday, June 3, 2008

C2 : Giving Movies a Second Look (DVD Small group curriculum)

Michael W. Smith, Seabourne Pictures and Randall House have joined forces to produce an innovative new small group study series on DVD called C2: Giving Movies a Second Look. C2 is designed to help individuals develop critical thinking skills when watching movies. With Love At First Sight [Volume One] and Relapse [Volume Two] shipping to retail July 7 through Randall House, Spring Arbor and STL, C2 is expected to help meet the increased demand for DVD curriculum, as well as the growing demand from fans of Christian films.

Each C2 DVD contains a twenty-minute original short film along with bonus features, which include a personal introduction from Michael W. Smith, behind-the-scenes movie features, out-takes, director’s comments and deleted movie scenes. The leader of a small group will have access to helpful tools, including study guides for three separate lessons relating directly to the movie and promoting critical thinking.

“Seabourne Pictures and Randall House have created a groundbreaking product,” says Michael W. Smith. “Nearly everyone goes to the movies, but how often do we stop to evaluate and filter what we just watched? C2 really raises the bar by providing quality short films supplemented with small group curriculum to guide discussion.”

“C2 is unique because it captures the movie experience,” adds Ryan Smith, Seabourne Pictures co-founder. “Movies can be so influential in our life experience. That’s why I think it’s important that we develop the necessary critical thinking skills in order to evaluate what we are watching.”

“Seabourne Pictures has really raised the bar for other products in this category by the level of the quality they put into every aspect of their films,” says Matt Markins, Randall House director of marketing and sales. “And on this DVD are all the bonus features that movie lovers enjoy.”

According to the Barna Group, in 2005, adults watched an average of 45 movies and “nearly one-third of adults (29%) contend that movies have had a substantial impact on the development of their personal morals, values and religious beliefs.” Barna Group research also finds that currently “two-thirds of all Protestant churches have big-screen projection capabilities. In congregations that use movie clips for teaching purposes, 77% of congregants contend that those visual media are helpful in their spiritual development.”

“The increased demand for video can clearly be seen all around us in our culture through resources like YouTube.com, Google Video and hulu.com,” continues Markins. “Similarly, the demand for DVD curriculum has largely increased over the last five years. Everyone watches movies, yet so many Christians do not stop to evaluate how the movies they watch line up with the Bible. C2 is out to change how people view movies.”

C2: Love At First Sight [Volume One] is a romantic comedy dealing with themes of romantic love, true love, judging others and accepting differing opinions.

Watch the trailer:

C2: Relapse [Volume Two] is a drama dealing with themes of addiction, grief and bioethics.

Watch the trailer:

Both volumes have been scored by David Hamilton in Prague, Czech Republic and Jim Daneker in Nashville. Hamilton is a respected arranger, conductor, producer, keyboard artist and songwriter whose work covers a broad spectrum of musical styles heard on recordings by a diverse group of artists such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Shania Twain, Linda Ronstadt, Michael Crawford, Point of Grace and many others. Daneker has performed or recorded with many of Christian music’s most enduring artists and enjoys a parallel career scoring for full-length feature films, trailers and commercial spots.

More information about C2 can be found at http://www.seabournepictures.com/c2.html.

Watch Michael W. Smith answer the question: "What is C2?" below:

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