Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's Next for Sherwood Pictures?

This just in from Sherwood Pictures:

The leaders of Sherwood Productions have been "preparing their fields" for another motion picture. They believe God has directed them to a new story line for the next Sherwood movie.

What is it?

We have an answer for you ... almost. What we can tell you is that the question will be answered next month!

The leaders of Sherwood Pictures—Michael Catt, Jim McBride, Alex Kendrick, and Stephen Kendrick—have been praying about the story for the next movie. Their prayer hasn't been for a good movie; it's been for a God movie. As was the case first with Flywheel, then with Facing The Giants, and most recently with FIREPROOF, they believe God has answered their prayers.

Can't bear to wait? Each week between now and mid-November, we will be releasing a video that searches the Sherwood archives for hints about what the next movie might be. Find out more at The Next Sherwood Movie website.

Read our interview with Stephen Kendrick.


John-Clay said...

I'm excited to hear what they are doing next too!

John-Clay said...

Rapidshare Search Engine said...

I am thinking something very big and unique script they will bring.