Monday, June 18, 2007

VeggieTales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Movie

LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2006 -- Hoist the mainstay! Trim the sails! Paint the poop deck!?! - it's BIG time for Bob and Larry! Universal Pictures brings everyone's favorite talking vegetables back to the big screen worldwide in early 2008 with the release of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything -- A VeggieTales Movie. The CG-animated family film is based on Big Idea's enormously successful VeggieTales franchise and features the creative team behind the series, Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki. The announcement was made today by Universal marketing heads, Adam Fogelson and Eddie Egan, and Big Idea COO, Terry Pefanis.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything -- A VeggieTales Movie will be directed by Mike Nawrocki and is based on a script written by Phil Vischer, who will also serve as executive producer through his production company, Jellyfish Labs. Big Idea's David Pitts will produce. The film will feature an original soundtrack by Kurt Heinecke.

Cast with a boatload of VeggieTales stars, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything is a comedic adventure filled with family-friendly lessons on the importance of doing what is right, even when it's difficult and discovering that real heroes don't have to be tall, strong, handsome ... or even human.

VeggieTales' second feature film follows the highly successful 2002 release of Jonah?A VeggieTales Movie, that grossed over $25 million theatrically. Since 1993 VeggieTales has helped teach kids values like honesty, kindness, and forgiveness with its unique blend of humor, award-winning animation, and infectious "Silly Songs." With nearly 50 million videos sold, VeggieTales is one of the most popular kids' series in America and continues to be an innovator in values-based family entertainment.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything -- A VeggieTales Movie opens in modern day suburbia at the local pirate themed restaurant, where derring-do and turkey legs go hand-in-hand five nights a week. But not for Sedgewick, Elliot and George (Mr. Lunt, Larry the Cucumber and Pa Grape). While they love all things piratical and dream of taking the stage in the big show, Elliot's timidity, Sedgewick's laziness and George's lack of self-confidence relegate them to busing tables and refilling drinks.

When they finally do get up the courage to audition, the three would-be swashbucklers manage only to destroy half the stage set. Out of luck and out of work, they stand dejectedly outside the restaurant as a strange, ancient-looking metal ball lands at their feet. It is a "Helpseeker," sent from another time and place in search of heroes. After scanning the three moping misfits, it sets in motion events that will send them back to the 17th century to face real pirates in a real pirate adventure, and in the process challenge everything they believe about themselves.

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